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The Top 10 Banana Benefits –

banana benefits
banana benefits

1. Energy Boost – Eating only 2 bananas will give your body enough fuel to exercise or workout for an hour and a half bananas are also ideal for eating during that mid-day when you feel tired or sluggish ,so forget the caffeine concoctions or sugary candy bananas. Bananas provide a level of energy that last longer without the dramatic crash cause by caffeine.

2. The power of Potassium – Bananas are rich in potassium ,they help the body circulation system , deliver oxygen to the brain. This also aid the body in maintaining a regular heartbeat and a proper balance of water within the body. Potassium is also helpful for reducing the likely hood of strokes and regulating blood pressure because of the way it promotes circulatory health. The potassium in bananas also assists in the prevention of muscle cramps after exercise.

3. Banana Bowels – Bananas help to end constipation, the fiber in the bananas promotes the restoration and maintenance of regular bowel functions, toss out the laxatives which likely have chemicals or other synthetic substances in them and instead grab a few sweet ripe spotted bananas.

4. Mood Enhancement – Bananas can lift your spirits ,they have an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan is necessary for the production of serotonin – a mood regulating substance ,which contributes to the feelings of relaxation and happiness .According to banana savor calm people suffering from depression often reported feeling better after eating a banana .

5. Iron – Bananas are rich in iron for people suffering from a deficiency in iron, bananas help to give your body the iron that it needs as a result they help promote hemoglobin production so your blood can clot faster in case of a cut or serious injury. Deficiency of iron can lead to serious conditions like chronic anemia, cough, and pre-dialysis anemia. Iron helps in fighting all the causes of fatigue in the human body. Insufficient intake of vitamin C can also contribute to iron deficiency as vitamin C is needed to absorb iron found in plant foods.

banana benefits
banana benefits

6. Low in Calories – Bananas are low in calories per diet .By eating a banana you can indulge your sweet tooth without ruining your waist line or your health. A banana averages about only 110 calories .This benefit is due to the large percentage of fiber and water which make up the composition of bananas, fruits and vegetables on the whole. Banana is a necessary fruit which is included in a balanced diet because it is beneficial to the body in all concerns. It contains good amount of carbs and calcium for better bone health.

7. Fiber – According to the USDA one banana has about 3 grams of fiber .Dietary fiber can help you feel full longer and also keep your digestive processes running smoothly. Studies also have shown that foods which are high on fiber may have heart-health benefits such as – reducing blood pressure and inflammation. Fiber sufficiency ensures controlled blood sugar levels. A healthy diet that including fibers in sufficient amount can also help in reducing type 2 diabetes and  Aids in achievement of a healthy weight.

8. Refueling – Your body uses carbohydrates for refueling ,as a primary source of energy. Each banana a smoothie perhaps after a workout to refuel banana for breakfast will start your day off right and will give you the energy to make it through lunch without snacking.

9. Manganese – Bananas are a good source of manganese with one medium banana providing about 0.3 mg. Adults have been considered to need between 1.8 mg and 2.3 mg of manganese daily. It is necessary for bone health and metabolism.

10. Fat and Cholesterol – Bananas are virtually fat and cholesterol free, looking back over our list its pretty easy to see why bananas are considered one of the healthiest food for humans.

These were the top banana benefits that makes it the king of fruits.


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