8 Reasons To Have A Dairy Free Diet | Say No To Milk

Avoid Dairy Products

According to me if we talk about having something healthy i would prefer meat and eggs rather having cow’s milk. With the sex hormones and saturated fat and pus and nearly indigestible lactose from these diseased and heartbroken cows, there’s really nothing good to say about diary.

Dairy Free Diet
Dairy Free Diet

Here are some of the reasons to have a Dairy Free Diet –

1. Hormones

Dairy Free Diet

Just like all other mammals, cow’s lactate only and when they are pregnant, this leads to increase in estrogen levels when kept pregnant nearly constant. And on top of that the bio technologist or people involved in modifying animals genetically inject cow’s with more hormones to produce much more milk they they naturally could give. So all these artificial hormones and all are going straight in the milk. of course. And we are the consumers. And all these lead to the cancer in our body that are influenced by sex hormones – breast, ovaries and prostate.


2. Saturated Fat

Dairy product’s or cow’s milk are the leading cause of death as it causes cancer and even heart disease. Diary is the single largest source of saturated fat in our diet.  It is given that saturated fat is the primary cause of heart disease and obesity as well.


3. Humans Are Lactose Intolerant

Drinking milk doesn’t make sense. Human are not designed to suck on the udders of bovine creatures. We’re not even designed to ingest the milk of our own species after the first few years of life. Lactose the main sugar is too found in the milk.

4. Acne

Dairy Free Diet
Dairy Free Diet


Acne is becoming so much widespread these days that even a 5 year old child is having it, yet it is essentially non-existent in population who do not consume dairy products. Scientist confirmed that dairy consumption is a direct cause of acne.


5. Incredible Waste And Environmental Costs

Dairy cows produce a huge amount of waste. As it was given in one of the reports that 200 cows produce as much nitrogen as in the the sewage from the community of 5,000 to 10,000 people. Manure and wastewater from CAFOs can contribute pollutants such as excessive amounts of nitrogen, organic matter, sediments, pathogens, heavy metals, hormones and antibiotics to the environment. It is preferable to have a Dairy Free Diet instead .


6. Pus

Pus From Dairy Products
Dairy Free Diet

Cows are shot up with hormones and milked constantly, which regularly leads to infections in the udders, resulting in lots of pus. 1 liter of milk contains hundreds of millions of pus cells.


7. The Calves

As cow’s become pregnant and their bodies begin making milk for their calf. Once the calf is  born, they cannot drink milk as because that would defeat the whole purpose of creating profit with these beautiful commodities. What happens to the calf ? The calf is immediately stripped. The farmers realized that sending away the baby calves from their mothers was not at all beneficial, so they planned to make money out of them as well, when locked them in a crate for the first few months of their lives, then slaughter them, you can sell veal in addition to milk. Imagine how bad it is.


8. Milk Not A Good Source Of Calcium 

If you go and ask a lay man that what is the rich source of our balanced diet ,they will definitely say calcium! Harvard School Of Public Health says cow is not the only or even best, source. There are alternatives to have best calcium sources from the tofu, black eyed peas and molasses.

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