Why Women Loose Interest In Sex ? | Health Benefits Of Sex

Sex is referred as a physical intimacy which is bound to happen between a couple ,with a blast of feelings and emotions attached with a sense of belongingness. This is one of the best feelings one can have during their lifetime. Sex is a necessity which god has created and is the most important part of the human life-cycle, without it nothing can exist on earth neither humans nor animals .Sex is not only necessary for a balanced human cycle but it is the most natural and organic medicine for maintaining ones health .This sexual intimacy helps in binding relationships ,attaching emotions and even enhances the mood, which gathers together as benefits of sex .

What You Will Learn In This Article –

  • What Are The Top Benefits Of  Sex ?
  • Why Doing Sex Often is a good habit ?
  • Why Women Tend To Loose Interest In Sex After Marriage ?  
  • Are You Sleeping With The Right Person ?
  • Why You Don’t Have Time To Get Intimated ?
  • Is One Of You Really Bad At Sex ?
Benefits of sex

Benefits Of Sex You Need To Blend In Your Head

Its 2017, and with all the advancement we are getting in all the sectors with advancing time, it is very important for people to get open minded and accept the fact that sex is a routine which really benefits you in a vast number of things. Here are the benefits of sex you should know by now :-

  1. Strengthens You Inside Out –  Having sex atleast once a week will keep a married couple fit and fine throughout their life. While having sex, all the muscles gets in work which leads to a complete workout of your body in a fun way. The contraction and relaxing of the muscles can keep you slim and trim, on the other hand you will get increased strength.
  2. Lowers Blood Pressure – When your heart works less to pump the force on your arteries decreases, lowering your blood pressure. Becoming active can control the pressure of blood flow and bring it up to an average of 4 to 9 millimeters of mercury(mm Hg) .Intimacy leads to a complete body exercise which further leads to heating up of the body. This heat which gets released from the body indicates calorie burn.
  3. Lowers Heart Attack Risk – Having a good sex life is good for your heart. It increases your heart rate while keeping your estrogen and testosterone leveled. Estrogen and Testosterone are female and male sex hormones, they are required in a good amount to perform better on bed. These hormones are naturally made by your body when consumed while having sex, having sex more often will remind your body to re-produce these hormones, balancing its level. One proven study says that “having sex twice a week can reduce upto 50% chances of getting a heart attack”.
  4. Reduces Chances Of Getting Prostate Cancer – A study by US doctors said that “Men who ejaculated very often (approx 25 times a week) built a more better immune system which is not likely to get prostate cancer by 60%. Where as it is not mandatory to have a partner, masturbating will also do the work. It is not 100% clear that sex was the only reason that lowered the chances of getting prostate cancer, but sex in limit won’t get you anything negative ,That’s for sure.

Doing Sex “Often” Is Good For “Health”

Having sex ,stimulates the blood flow in your body ,having sex oftenly is like a regular health checkup of the body by the body itself. If you ejaculate atleast twice a week then it is said to be beneficial for your brain, heart, muscles, body functioning, body systems and other hormonal balances(mainly testosterone and estrogen). Treat sex as an exercise, hence do it on regular interval days for a healthy life ahead.

Having a nice session of sex reduces the calories you consumed, which can decrease your body weight and body fat. If you are not much in to physical activities then it would be very beneficial for you to have sex in alternate days.

Having sex frequently ensures movement of muscles, timely ejaculation, improvising strength and better endurance. 

Why Women Loose Interest In Sex After Marriage ?

women loose interest in sex

 A survey was conducted of 6,669 British women and 4,839 British men who had experienced sex in the previous time with atleast 1 sexual partner out of which 34.2% of women and 15% of men were recorded as people who lost interest in sex. This study also says that women gets more bored of sex after a period of time in comparison to men. This means Men are more towards sex? Are they in much need of sexual relationships? Yes! that’s true. In fact women who experienced a relationship between 1-5 years were more likely to have lost interest in sex, approx 45 % of women looses interest in sex after a long relationship. Well this theory is correct in every instance but according to my personal experiences and studies i found that “loosing interest of sex is just temporary ” it is just for few months or days i would say. People who do the same thing for an year or longer ,then they would obviously loose interest in that thing because nothing done in excess is good, Not Even Sex. 

Where as if we read the study conducted by professional totally reverses the statement, it says the longer you stay in relationship, the more you loose interest in sex. Yes! researchers say – Those in relationship between 5 – 15 years were 137% more likely to loose interest in sex. This concludes that if you have experienced a relationship for an avg of 10 years then sorry boss you will never have sex again in your life.

On A Funny Note –

What I advice is “Dont have a relationship for more than 6-7 years because you may loose interest in sex for a long time”.And believe me their is no fun without sex .

Are You Sleeping With The Right Person ? 

Over 90% of women acts a fake orgasm, women feels orgasm with no ease scientist said. Do you think the person sleeping next to you is right for you ? if not! Then you should know before it gets delay. The desires of men and women should be filled individually if the person next to you is not or cannot fulfill his/her desires then its a problem.

To get the desired output both women and men should often talk about sex and discuss about there intimacy levels(i.e, what they like on bed the most). They should not feel uncomfortable or hide sexual things, rather be clear about their sexual needs.

Remember – You must not be selfish on bed ,rather take initiatives to eliminate the shyness and clear sexual thoughts.

Why You Don’t Have Time To Get Intimated ?

 Married couples are full with stress and workload which finishes their sex life. Its just a hectic day from 9 – 9pm which ends the sex life very well. So here’s the solution.

You should schedule for sex ,atleast once in a week. Scheduling a beautiful intimating night scene will enhance your week and make it easy going, moreover give your bonding a boost. Intimacy and sex helps in involvement between couples, gives a boost to romance, increases development of emotions and keeps you fit in your early 40s as well.

But, Remember! Don’t delay these scheduled plans, canceling planned scenes might get you in trouble at home.

Is Your Partner Bad At Sex ? 

This is the major problem which arises among couples mostly. This happens when their is lack of communication and clearance between the two. So better be clear and open minded when you are with your partner and never hide such delicate issues nor get shy.

Sex is better together, when their is equal involvement of both the partners. So discuss your likes and dislikes. What if your partner is bad at sex? It happens, the first few times are not always good to feel, but with regular scheduling and support from your partner will definitely enhance him/her on bed.

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