How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat | Top 5 Exercises You Can Do At home

In this article we’ll get to know best 5 exercises on “HOW TO GET RID OF BELLY FAT”. Belly fat is a common problem with every 1 person out of 3. It gets formed when the extra fats in your body gets collected ,because of the improper food digestion. Having a belly increases the chances of catching various diseases easily ,such as diabetes and high blood pressure , in short, you get prone to have diseases with greater chances. It is very important to cut belly fat not for the external looks but also for the better health. Wondering HOW TO GET RID OF BELLY FAT ? Well ! let me tell you in advance that I also had this problem few months ago, I felt ashamed in front of others because of my increasing weight. I tried almost everything, but then after consulting many physicians and qualified gym trainers I combined few fat cutting exercises and learnt their correct way. I lost more than 10 kg’s after doing those exercises ,they are very easy to follow up , you dont have to join a gym ,rather practice them at home in your free time(preferably early morning).

To cut belly fat, exercise and a good diet are mandatory. No one can cut belly fat permanently with shortcuts like pills or crash dieting. Doing exercise is a hard way but gives satisfying results and keeps the body healthy and active naturally.

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Here are few effective exercises you can do easily at home or in your free time to cut belly fat forever.


how to get rid of belly fat - leg raises
how to get rid of belly fat – leg raises
10-15 3 Max 20 Min.
  • Lie on a bench with your back straight and legs extended in the front.
  • Grip the bench with your hands, keep your chest up.
  • Raise both the legs up together with the knee straight till it makes a 90 degree.
  • Now let your legs get back to the starting position slowly while concentrating on the     abdominal muscles.
  • Follow this pattern for 10-20 times in each set.



plank hold
plank hold
3 30 Sec Each
  • Lie with the face down and legs extended with shoulders straight and elbow down
  • Clasp your hands together.
  • Keep the hips upwards.
  • Hold this position while concentration on the abs muscles.
  • Continue this pattern again.



  •  Lie on the bench with back straight
  •  Keep your both the hands behind the head.
  •  Keep your legs at 90 degrees, it shouldn’t move from its position.
  •  You can take help for holding your legs.
  •  Lift up your upper body towards legs while concentrating on the upper absContinue this motion again.
20 3 Max 20 min.


bicycle crunches
bicycle crunches











20 3 Max 20 min.

You can lie on the floor or bench.

  • Keep the back straight,
  • With hands on the hips.
  • Lift your legs and fold your knee  at 90 degree
  • Now bring your legs towards your chest Alternatively, one by one
  • And push it forward.
  • Maintain the motion for 20 times.



crunch kick
crunch kick
  • Lie on the bench.
  • Keep your back straight and chest out.
  • Grip the bench edges.
  • Lets you legs while folding both the knees at 90 degrees.
  • Now bring your legs towards the chest along.
  • And then push them forward while focusing on the lower abdomen.
  • Repeat this 20 times.
20 3 Max 20 min.


Follow these exercises in your day routine for atleast 1 month to see results .


To double the effect of exercise you should also intake a balanced diet.

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