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How To Improve Health ? Here are the top 5 futuristic gadgets which are available in the market to make your life better and healthier than before.

1. Itens –

Itens - How To Improve Health
Itens – How To Improve Health

This fully wireless device has been designed to reduce aches and pains when working out on your everyday routine it works with lithium ion batteries and one charge is enough for a days work, the device is compact and not noticeable under clothing ,so it can be worn at all times and everywhere using special technology the device influences nerve endings and sends signals to the brain decreasing and eliminates painful sensations the product comes with an application that allows controlling the device and following the training process. The price of this modern anesthetic system is 230$ ,although the gadgets can be purchased separately at 30$ each.


2.¬†AquaGenie –

Aquagenie - How To Improve Health
Aquagenie – How To Improve Health

This smart water bottle keeps the users hydrated using a special 3 color lighting system similar to a traffic light, the bottle can be termed with a popular training apps ,bottle is 10.2 inches tall and 3.3 inches in diameter so it can be easily carried in the bag pack or on the bike like a common bottle. The device is easily washed and just connected to the wall to charge it .Aquagenie comes in 3 different colors and you can buy it for 60$.


3. ELF –

Elf - How To Improve Health
Elf – How To Improve Health

This device is able to spread the cent of aromatic essence in the air filling the environment with an exquisite smell while softening and cleaning the air unlike similar devices. The elf is transparent allowing you to see the process of evaporation of oils and how they become mist ,the device has an LED light system that can be changed according to the aroma .Elf is practically soundless so you will not have trouble using it while you sleep. The device is controlled using three touch buttons located under the container which by the way has a capacity of 400 ml .The price of the device is currently 70$.


4. Dreampad pillow –

Dream pad pillow - How To Improve Health
Dream pad pillow – How To Improve Health

This relaxing pillow helps the user to fall asleep by playing vibrating melodies on contact with the smartphone. The developers offer to download a special application for apple and android with a large database of modified songs ideal for relaxing the body and mind but its also possible to use your favorite song. Some of the working modes of the zelo includes a stress reduction program to synchronize the users breath with the vibration of the device. Currently their are 3 pillows available, the cheapest with a price of a 160$ .


5. Thim –

Thim - How To Improve Health
Thim – How To Improve Health

This is another device for people who cant sleep well , this helps the person to fall asleep more quickly increasing the hours of sleep, its a plastic ring that comes in three different sizes and can be put on any finger ,the device registers the exact time when the user fell asleep and wake them up after the selected time using a vibration system .This way a user can easily change its nocturnal habits and get rid of any sleeping problems , the ring is charged by a USB and a special application offers together when the device is synchronized with them and allows observing the phases of sleep of the user. The device is available for one for 150$ .


6. Sun Screenr –

Sunsceenr - How To Improve Health
Sunsceenr – How To Improve Health

This small waterproof camera lets you see how protected your skin is under the sunblock cream. According to the creators the device allows the user to protect from future skin cancer .This device uses a special lens to show the user which parts of the skin are unprotected or in which parts the cream is run away because of water .The camera is controlled with three simple buttons which weights 3 ounces and one charge is enough for a whole weekend. It is available in five colors ,buy it for a 120$.


7. U-Gym Pro –

u gym pro - How To Improve Health
u gym pro – How To Improve Health


This device heats the muscles before the workout ,increasing the effectiveness of the exercises and can even replace the gym .Thanks to the impulse that is used to contract the muscles. New gym pro can be used when practicing any sport and is easily configured depending on the level of stimulation required. This sports device is small fits easily and any bag pack and synchronizes with a special application,which allows you to follow the process of each workout and share your new achievements with your friends. The price is 250$.




8. OneX Sensor –

One x sensor - How To Improve Health
One x sensor – How To Improve Health

This small device similar to a ball can monitor the conditions of the users skin in real time. The device fits in the palm of the hand and uses sensors to check the skin and the condition of the users body. The results change throughout the day for various causes including stress ,alcohol consumption and food. Like other modern devices this smart ball connects to an application that allows you to monitor changes in the skin and helps the user to correct his lifestyle and improve its health. You can combine this device for 150$.


9. CoMra Palm –




This portable universal and safe device allows you to produce pain, stop inflammations ,accelerate skin recovery and even fight depression. The device uses the body’s own recovery abilities and stimulates them using infrared ,lasers, magnetic fields and ultra sound. It has a minimum weight and its measurements are 4.3/2.4/0.9 inches. Comra Palm is controlled with a few buttons and its minimum price is 340$.




10.Wingbrush –


According to its creators this German invention is a revolution in the field of dental technologies. The device cleans the space between the teeth with the aid of a special brush that can be easily activated as if it were a lever from without major technological difficulties. The brush comes in three sizes and comes with several interchangeable heads. It costs 13.5 $.

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