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Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s case collected everybody’s attraction at the same time because of the ferocity of the reaction to the final verdict. Over the years, god messengers urf god’s wrong number from all over the nation were all being trusted by their bhakts, and found indulged into murder or rape cases. These baba’s followings, can be depicted as the main reason to social backwardness or illiteracy in the country. Mostly people from rural or illiterate places(villages) are found getting indulged with such baba’s. Yes! the following is huge because these baba’s earn their loyalty and win their faith, they provide people with confidence and that’s great. But Its just great till that point of time. Baba’s like – Swami Nithyananda and Seer Raghavendra Bharati in Karnataka, godman Mehdni Kasam in Maharashtra, Asaram Bapu in Gujarat ,

Baba Ram  Rahim in Haryana and many others — have all been found in many acquisition cases and other crimes, where as most of the criminal cases get dumped before they catch people’s eye. From rapes to murders they have done it all, and still get all the liberties ,luxurious life and all the pleasures which they don’t deserve what they don’t deserve. These cases can brief India in a very true manner, how such godmen operate in India, and especially how they often interact with women.

baba ram rahim
baba ram rahim – msg movie


And what is that famous saying” JAISI KARNI WAISI BHARNI” “JAISA KARAM, WAISA FAL” Despite of all the inputs his lawyers and followers put in, he got to listen those 4 magical words in the court room ” 20 SAAL KI JAIL” his supporters’ ‘strength’ went low after this and nothing destructive happened which was expected by his “followers” and “goons”. Something unexpected was seen in the court room “The godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s crying baby face” well! One question arises for his supporters— if he depicted himself as god then why the hell he didn’t control the court’s decision and started crying asking for “rehem ki bheekh”in the court room?

And finally! Ram Rahim’s lawyers tried and failed to plead for a lighter sentence by claiming his “social works and blood donations”.

Baba Ram Rahim – Politics Revealed

ram rahim with minister
ram rahim with minister

Baba had a huge presence and followings mostly in haryana and all over the world. He did many crimes which were never investigated due to his power he had because of all the politicians and Haryana government he had contact with. He was very indulged with BJP (bhartiya janata party) members, which is a ruling party. His power, followings and friendship with political leaders allowed him to do anything in the state openly, and no one ever would dare to point against him, after all Baba Ram Rahim is a brand.    He can be called as a silent politician of the bhartiya janata party(BJP) ,who always worked for them and also got them majority votes on Haryana atleast. This got him power to do anything, act against anyone with impunity and allows them to prey on the most unguarded of women, often their own devotees, without fear of  further consequences.

Many such criminal godmen follow the same teachings – they prey on their devotees and frame sexual assault on their shishya ,which is taken for granted on the name of spiritual process. Ram Rahim named it “pitaji ki maafi”.

Nithyananda used to accuse women bhakts on the name of god’s love (like that of Radha and Krishna).

Sathya Sai Baba , who was alleged for child sex ,used to cover his shameful incidents on the name of “SAI BABA’s TEACHINGS”  “GOOD LUCK”.

Nithyananda took it even further, he used to make his bhakts sign an “agreement” which had few clause agreeing in to be a part of “Learning from the Master” programme. This was the learning and practice of “ancient tantrics secrecy” which contains the chapter of “physical contact and intimacy” and more. It also included a non-disclosure clause that gave unconditional acceptance of the actions committed by the foundation and its leader. Women used to sign the agreement without reading it in the name of “shraddha” they had for baba. This all was carried out by brainwashing the bhakts .

Manoj tiwari with baba ram rahim
Manoj tiwari with baba ram rahim

They say that rape is a crime of power, not sex. When you’ll observe these godmen operating and interacting with the women bhakts ,you ll get a clear cut conclusion that “Its just power which gives them the confidence and motivation to carry out such evil work”.They are the live examples of RAMAYANA’s villain RAVANA . Ravana had all the powers and an aggressive personality which allowed him to kidnap SITA. A clear pattern of abuse emerges, from this study from the past incidents we have seen and faced in INDIA.


After analyzing and facing such inhuman evil patterns they follow, we can easily depict the main reasons why this all happens in INDIA a lot!

1. Loose Government laws – Government laws can be assumed as fine and fair when it comes to strict policies and imprisonment period, but still the case of baba ram rahim got a verdict after 15 years. why? why this much time India?. Our government laws are strict and slow at the same time, Verdicts are fair but takes the maximum time to give justice. Judges are 10 lakh and pending cases are 10 crore. How can few judges carry these many cases ? Government should keep and eye on this matter as to fasten the court preceding’s.

2. Corrupt Politicians – Politics play major role, In India power and relations come at the first place. People with power are legally allowed to do “gunda gardi” in the name of “sarkar”. Criminals who know politicians are tension free and gain the confidence to carry out illegal practices. Politicians who are given the power to control the country. take major advantage to devastate it for their personal comfort and greed. Corruption needs to stop now, if we want to see India on the top. We need educated ministers , who are young enough to control our country and manage it in a better way. After all, their is something more than greed – Prestige.

3. Illiterate population – People who are not educated enough to know the major differences between superstition and true faith ,gets mind washed by these baba’s and then taken advantage for their greed and spreading violence around the world. Getting people educated will not only take us out from theses superstitions but will also enhance our economy , leading to employment generation.

We take the pledge to end this godmen following, for the betterment of this country. We should not assume some person as a god, because no one can replace the god who is sitting above us and watching it all, Even if someone claims him/her selves as the godmen/godwomen .God resides in our hearts ,one should look through their heart to feel the presence of god with them all the time.

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