Is Bitcoin Safe To Invest In ? | Bitcoin Legal In India ?

Things You Should Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become one of the most popular cryptocurrency all over the world, due to its frequent and high rate growth .It was created by Satoshi Nakomoto in 2008 which got released after one year of study and management.

For those who ask me “Is Bitcoin Safe To Invest In ?” I certainly say ,yes it is. It is safe to invest in this cryptocurrency ,when you buy them from “Zebpay app” or “Unocoin,com”. These two are the official promoters of bitcoin in India.

Millions of trading and mining companies deal in bitcoin ,while taking investments from the interested investors, in return provides interest to the investor’s every month. These trading companies and mining companies can get you more interest out of your investment ,but the sad part is – there is no guarantee or security. These small companies can run away ,anytime they wish to .So i would suggest not to invest in these trading companies ,because they get you more profit. Nothing in life can be achieved through shortcuts, even i became a victim of greediness and lost all my investment ,as the company(Btc Trade) ran away.


My Advice To You

There is no harm in investing under cryptocurrency ,but you have to do much research on the company’s past and future plans .Trading companies are much risky than mining companies ,no fraud case has appeared for any mining company yet, where as many trading companies are likely to run after 2-3 years.

If I Talk About The Safest Way To Invest ?

You should buy bitcoins from the official apps such as zebpay because they are legal in many countries and can fetch you profit according to the market hike in a fair manner. The coin started from the range of  less than 1$ and now its value is more than 3,500 $ .Many investors who purchased it in the beginning of 2010 are now millionaires in USA, CANADA and INDIA. In the present time ,bitcoin rates are very wavering and dynamic ,so its very difficult to predict any profit or loss.

is bitcoin safe to invest
is bitcoin safe to invest

It has become the largest growing online currency and  is even used as a medium of trade. Yes, its true! Big brands like lamborghini and mercedes can ask you for few bitcoins instead of cash or cheques .After Ambani invested millions in bitcoin ,it has grown a lot in india as people got aware and are eager to invest in bitcoin. This is unstoppable ,people will keep on investing like this because USA, INDIA and CANADA are the world’s largest growing economy .

This is still not legal in India, but they are trying hard for it .After it becomes legal, bitcoin will come under the governments law and this will ensure better security to investors. So future can be seen in this very famous cryptocurrency soon.

Now If Any One Asks You “IS BITCOIN SAFE TO INVEST OR NOT” Do Let Them Know The Truth .

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