These Chinese Crackers And Lights Will Destroy India | Happy Diwali

Recently the government has banned the sale of Chinese firecrackers. The Government says that Chinese crackers spread large amounts of pollution and because of this, the health of the people along with the environment is very high. The government has announced the issuance of an advisory along with giving instructions to the officers.

In fact, potassium chlorate is used in Chinese crackers which is very sensitive and bursts with a little rubbing. In India, strict rules apply to its use since 1992. In fact, the government has put a complete ban on the import of these firecrackers and it is not officially coming for sale. However, some people are also selling these firecrackers illegally by labeling Made In India as people also, do not want to buy these Chinese crackers.

To get these firecrackers from China, some traders secretly capture the cracker in India by hiding secretly in containers of toys because it is about 40% cheaper than domestic firecrackers. But these crackers emit a lot of smoke and hence these crackers are very harmful for health and environment.

People of Delhi will have to work with old firecrackers this time. Rangoli decorations are highly recommended this year.

Diwali has come and every Indian is waiting to decorate their house with the most beautiful lightening. Earlier people used to lighten their whole house with the diya’s of the mud. But now because of the variety of electronic lights in the market, everyone insists on buying them, so that their house looks different and beautiful. Not being able to buy them all before the price was high. But at the low prices of Chinese light, the vast variety has now reached almost every household.

diwali lights

A variety of plastic designer lamps, and LEDs lights have been opted by people of India for beautifying the houses, most of the designs are made from plastic. Apart from this, there is a lot of variety of light like a skirt like light which is tanged on the wall, disco ball light which is transparent like balloon and light is inside it, cartoon shape lights for kids in which the cartoon is covered with LEDs lights, etc.

Although the price of Chinese light is low, but it is not very durable, it also promotes the appearance of Indian tradition. However, imports of Chinese lights has now been banned. In spite of this, by illegally hiding them in toys, they are being brought to India and the shopkeepers are also selling them. Now it is on Indian nationals that they want to burn the lamp of tradition or the flirtation of the show.

Celebrate Diwali at home only with colored paper lamps, and lanterns. And show your love towards your home with some rangoli.

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