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Government efforts can be seen in Delhi again,(health mela) Yes! A health awareness Mela was accompanied by government of Delhi at our very own Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi. This health mela commenced from 4th October – 8th October and the timings were 8 am – 10pm.

They were commemorating 25 years of Health care foundation of India’s annual flagship event. They had a large number of sponsors like –

Perfect health mela
  • MTNL – telephone Company.
  • Indian medical association.
  • Ayush medical.
  • And many more.

This mela was focusing on betterment of health, spreading awareness about diseases and consulting people with no cost.

The Major Highlights Of The Health Mela were –

1.Delhi Istate Cancer Institute –

This cancer awareness stall taught us the major significant factors we should worry about which were –

Delhi istate cancer institute
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge from any site or orifice .
  • A lump nodule of swelling in any part of the body (especially in breath).
  • Persistent irritating cough or hoarsening of voice.
  • Indigestion or pain while swallowing.
  • An ulcer.
  • HPV vaccine is necessary for protection against cervical cancer – Delhi State Cancer Institute in east and west Delhi gives free HPV vaccine to girl child of age 11-13.
  • They were also focusing on a non-smoking awareness scheme.
  • Smoking kills.

2. Department Of Ayush, GNCT. DELHI –

This ayurvedic department was focusing on maintaining elders health and cure them with ayurvedic medicines.

This department had appointed their doctors for general people for free, they were giving free consultations and medicines.

Plants For Better Health

These departments had loads of ayurvedic medicines which were brought for free distributions. Even I got a free consultation from the doctor and was prescribed an ayurvedic medicine for better digestion, which I got for free. Ayurvedic medicines are never harmful nor, they have any side effects. So I personally prefer them.

Ayush ayuveda had posters which were indicating best ways for a better health –

They also had a homeopathic department.

3. Man Force Campaign –

Man Force Camapign

Man force advertised their brand with a different concept, telling people about sexual health and ways to get rid of sexual tiredness.

They highlighted their banners like – Prevent your system from getting bugged and play it safe. Its not the time to run away from these important topics, its better we get open about sexual health and prevent us from sexual diseases likes HIV .

The campaign was rising awareness for the use of condoms in India, for population control as well as human health.

4. New Delhi Municipal Council Malaria Unit Heath Department –

This department was a malaria and dengue awareness camp, which highlighted the malaria/dengue symptoms, causes and natural cure. NDMC had also made malaria blood test available for people under one roof. There were lab assistants who were collecting blood samples of patients. There were doctors for checkups with all the necessary equipment’s besides.

The most highlighting information they were trying to spread was-

  • Cleanliness of house and coolers.
  • How to wash hands and be disease free.
  • Showcasing how larvae forms in different stages. This was the general information given to visitors so that they know how important it is to keep our surroundings clean and tidy.

5. Book stall –

This book stall had all the hindu dharma comics as well as story books. Not only this but also the daily home health care upchaar and other health issues information book.

book stall

There were executives who helped buyers in choosing the correct book for themselves and even gave them a synopsis of the chosen book. These books were of very less cost, an average of 10-15 rs only, I bought a book for just 8 rupees which was ‘solutions to a better healthy life’.

6. Arogya Clinic –

Arogya Clinic

This was a stall full with health care products, not the products you are thinking of. They had natural products such as acupressure slippers, acupressure steppers and acupressure holders. They treat a wide range of diseases naturally without any daily expense.

The cost they offered for these slippers were way too attractive and affordable. This stall was one of the most crowded stall.


7. Plant Adoption Camp –

Plant Donation Camp

One of the visitor’s major attraction was the plant adoption camp, where you can get/adopt any kind of plant without paying any cost. What you have to do is, just provide an entry on their register and get your favorite plant to your home and plant them. Planting trees is very beneficial for us in our surroundings for pure oxygen and better health.

The Perfect Health Mela 2017 went effective in grabbing visitor’s eye, It was a non-profit mela which aimed at spreading awareness about healthy living, diseases and ways to tackle diseases.


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