Most Costliest Goat OF India – The V.I.P Goat Who Is Health Conscious

Bhura is the most costliest goat of Uttar Pradesh(India). This goat is one of the luckiest animal on earth, Owner Shahid Qureshi brought bhura(goat) home 2 years back from now and he never let him get out of his house, instead made a separate room for bhura and treats him like a family member. Not only this ,the treatment he gets from the owner is V.I.P which includes nutritious food , dairy products, cooler, Fan etc. Yes you heard it right , bhura is a health conscious goat who eats well and takes care of his skin as well.

Shahid qureshi feeds him with kaju, badam, milk, and paneer. Bhura eats 1oo grams of kaju , 100 grams of badam, 5 liters of milk – 2.5 ltr in morning and 2.5 ltr in the evening, and 3 kg paneer everyday. Bhura eats a balanced diet because he is health conscious .He eats raisins and mewa in the diet weekly or occasionally .

This goat doesn’t go out and lives in a separate room with all the major amenities like – cooler ,fan and a mattress .Not only this ,he baths with shampoo everyday and puts moisturizer, lotions over the skin for a healthy body. Bhura has a healthy body weight of 275 kg, and lives happily.

His room has a heater to keep him warm in the winters and a cooler to make him feel better in the summers. He gets all the healthy food to eat AND IS LOVED BY ALL.

Bhura lives in a house which is cozy in winters and cold in summers. He lives a royal life with all the amenities .All the neighbors of Shahid Qureshi are fond of his goat ,children love to play with him and doesn’t leave him alone even for a second. Bhura gets regular check ups and has a personal doctor who checks him monthly and keeps him healthy .

This is a true example of how much love humans can do with an animal without any intention of interest. We should learn from Shahid Qureshi and apply this in our lives. Moreover ,Bhura(goat) acts as a health model to everyone ,he will truly influence us for eating healthy and a balanced diet.

This goat is assumed to be of worth around 3 lakhs which makes him the costliest in India. Due to his high worthiness and fame he got in Uttar Pradesh, everybody wants to meet this royal goat and know more about his lifestyle. Its children’s favorite ,and nobody resists praising him, they just want a look of bhura and his lifestyle.

How Bhura Became A Health Model – Lets Learn From Him

This goat became very unique in all the terms, whether we talk about diet, worth, appearance, health, charm or lifestyle, Bhura has it all.

Food – He eats raisins, Boiled Chana, Kaju, paneer, badaam, mewa and loads of milk in all day diet. Its a complete combination of all the nutrients, minerals and other essentials .He weighs 275 kg which a great weight for a goat itself. Eating healthy is the most important format which helps you in being fit. Raisins, chana, paneer, and milk all are a good source of protein and and nutrients to mantain a healthy life. Bhura will live long because of the healthy nature of food intake.

Chana- Aids in weight loss, cardiovascular benefits, lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar and low glycemic index index(GI), prevents diabetes, great source of iron, good source of protein for vegetarians, treats digestive disorders, prevents cancer, and skin benefits, treatment of leucoderma, ringworm infection, facial skin care, also contains healing properties etc.

Paneer- Rich source of protein, reduces risk of getting a stroke, reduces bad cholesterol levels and triglycerdes, prevents obesity, helps in weight loss, low in fat, low calorie content, prevents diabetes, rich in nutrients, ,minerals, and acts as an antioxidant.

Dry Fruits (Kaju, raisins) – Highly fibrous, acts as an antioxidant, has a lot of nutrient density,fat calorie, has a lot of unsaturated fat.

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