Ways To Welcome Health And Prosperity This Diwali | Happy Diwali

One of the most significant festivals in Indian culture  is Diwali, it is known for the festival of lights, sees millions attend firework displays, prayers and celebratory events across the world every autumn (from October to November)

The festival is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jain’s for a variety of reasons, although the main theme which runs throughout is the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.

To celebrate, houses are decorated with candles and colorful lights and huge firework displays are held while families feast and share gifts among each other.

Diwali is, the five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jain’s across the world, as mentioned above. The festival, which coincides with the Hindu New Year, celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. The actual day of Diwali is traditionally celebrated on the festival’s third day, which this year falls on Thursday, October 23. The festival usually falls between the middle of October and the middle of November, although this is decided upon by the Hindu lunar calendar. While each faith has its own reason to celebrate the festival, one of the most popular stories told is the legend of lord Rama and his wife Sita return to their kingdom in northern India, from exile after defeating the demon king Ravanna in the 15th century BC.

Health And Prosperity This Diwali

What Will You Learn In This Article

  1. Light Dias instead of energy burning lamps and lights.
  2. Avoid decorating the outside of your home with electric lighting, you can do without it!
  3. Crackers not only pollute the environment but also burn your pocket! Stay away from highly polluting crackers.
  4. Make conscious decisions while Diwali shopping. Buy Eco friendly gifts for your friends and family!
  5. If at all you HAVE to, enjoy the crackers by going to a public cracker show function or from your balcony rather than bursting them yourself.
  6. Dispose the remains of the crackers carefully; they may be harmful for kids and pets.
  7. Reduce the use of non-degradable decorative items, find innovative and Eco friendly ways to improve the aesthetics of your home during Diwali.


  • Light Dias Instead Of The Led’s And Lamps

Light-Dias-Instead-Of -LED
light Dias Instead Of LED

Light symbolizes knowledge, and darkness, ignorance. The Lord is the “Knowledge Principle” (chaitanya) who is the source, the enlivener and the illuminator of all knowledge. Hence light is worshiped as the Lord himself.

Knowledge removes ignorance just as light removes darkness. Also knowledge is a lasting inner wealth by which all outer achievement can be accomplished. Hence we light the dias to bow down to knowledge as the greatest of all forms of wealth

Why not light a bulb or tube light? That too would remove darkness.. But the traditional oil dia has a further spiritual significance. The oil or ghee in the dia symbolizes our vaasanas or negative tendencies and the wick, the ego. When lit by spiritual knowledge, the vaasanas get slowly exhausted and the ego too finally perishes. The flame of a light of dia always burns upwards. Similarly we should acquire such knowledge as to take us towards higher ideals. I hope my point is pretty clear with the above sub-heading.

  • Avoid Decorating Your Home Form Outside. You Can Do Without it !

I have seen people decorating their home’s with beautiful led’s and lights, just before diwali. But what when they are the only reason of catching fire ? Yes my friends. One stupid mistake by someone, lighting crackers, may catch your home with fire. It mostly happens due to bursting crackers like a fail in rocket shot and etc.

  • Stay Away From Highly Polluting Cracker

Try to avoid from cracker pollution this diwali. Lighting those red ‘ladi’ string bombs and other smoke-emanating fireworks may seem exciting, but they are the only host of illness triggers. When these crackers burst, the air gets charged with partially combusted low volatile organic compounds which remain suspended in the atmosphere for several days. This is deadly for not just asthmatics, but causes breathing difficulties.

Things you can do,

– Stay indoors, keep windows closed.

– Those suffering from asthma or bronchitis should take medicines regularly during this period.

– At any sign of increased breathlessness, seek medical attention.

– Wear plain glasses or wear mask if you are in proximity of burning crackers as the chemicals can cause redness and watering of the eyes.

  •  Buy Eco-friendly gifts for your friends and family

Buy Ecofriendly Gifts For Friends And Family

Diwali of-course is the time when you go shopping for your friends and family, its good indeed. But remember one thing when you go out for shopping for your friends and family try shopping things that are eco-friendly to save the environment and a healthy life for the further generations.

Green gifts have a great reputation for being clever and unique, and they help you lower your carbon footprint while encouraging others to change their habits too. But they often get a bad rap for being expensive and hard to find, and it’s tough to know if your recipients will love green products as much as you do.

The good news is that you can see how great these gifts are and dispel the myths about how much going green costs at the same time. With the right advice, you can save money while saving the planet.

  • Dispose the remains of crackers properly

When it comes to dispose the garbage off, it should be done very gently and precociously.

Spent fireworks and “duds” remain hot after use. If you don’t handle them carefully, they can spark fires and cause serious injury. Always keep water on hand, and be prepared to extinguish any fires that start. Soak fireworks in water after use. Then, wrap them in plastic and bring them to a local solid waste center. Be smart and be safe!

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