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Mental health has become a serious as well as a very common issue in today’s trend , every second person is a sufferer. Giving attention to the situation ,psychologists has undergone various studies and experiments towards social reasons to mental health issues. The study proves that social sites such as facebook, instagram and snapchat are a major reason to widespread of depression, loneliness and other mental health issues .

  • Many studies confirms that getting addicted towards social sites is very harmful for a human body, physically as well as mentally.
  • Latest research says that this widespread of mental illness is likely to grow more with the increased use of internet.

A new study has said that one day by just analyzing someones instagram feeds you ll get to know if the person is depressed or not ? Strange! people post each and every emotions in terms of posts and statuses .If u miss someone, hate someone or love someone ,the first thing you do is post a status and make it social. This leads to bad commenting which can make you feel sad about it.

It was strange when one of my friend posted his photo while crying ! I mean how far social sites have taken them. Unimaginable it is. How can someone do so? 

This shows the person is depressed and a new target of loneliness .Congrats boy , thanks for adding up one more fool in the universe.


Comparing Our Life With Others On Social Platforms

mental health issues
mental health issues

We display our best version on the social media and try to be better and cooler than others, sometimes show off gets out of control and can make our real life much messy.

If social media is your only platform of friendship and you spend most of your day scrolling through your news feed while, checking out other people’s lives and compare them to your own, you are likely to reach a risky development to symptoms of depression or anxiety. “This is especially so in those with low self esteem”.

Its very common to compare yourself to others ,but on social platforms it gets even worse and stretched ,leading to frustration.

  • For example, couples mostly post smiling and loving photos of themselves to let people know how happy they are together, in short making people jealous, but you rarely see a status update about all the arguments they’re having.
  • Your friends will post selfies when they feel good about how they look, but you’ll rarely see someone posting a picture of themselves which they really don’t like.
  • Everyone tries to look superior than others on social media, you can always see what’s good in someones life but you will never see the calamities they usually face.
  • Looking good on facebook wont make you look good in real life as well.
  • I still miss the time when there were no social platforms , everything was so real and people used to meet each other personally, play along and stay together. 


Sarahah Ruined It

mental health issues
mental health issues

Sarahah Application is another recent social platform to increase the depression and aggression among people . There was nothing constructive in this app, people using anonymous id’s are just poking and discouraging people or telling them something good which they must  be already knowing.

Constructive feedback meant – That you have to tell that person something to bring an enhancement in there lives. But people as usual made it a dating confession app. Again a flop show.

Sarahah app did nothing but made people fall into depression and bad thoughts. These things should be banned and government should hold social apps in there control, to limit there use in the country.


How Social Sites Controls Your Brain

mental health issues
mental health issues

When a person enters social platforms! What actually happens is ,the person starts adding new people ,this increases the wish to start a conversation with them. Slowly and gradually people tend to start talking to others day and night, this makes them habitual .And make them addict to social media ,as you have noticed every person who uses social sites more ,checks there phone every single second. The first thing you do when you wake up is check your phone, expecting for a text .

Slowly and gradually you get attached to people and this becomes your everyday routine. You wake up with your phone ,keeping it near you all the time. These social sites now changes the way you look at life. This makes you as bit different from the real world.

We start to expect more from people and when the expectations goes over the facts and reality ,we feel lonely and empty from inside just because you wanted him/her to text you and they didn’t live up to your expectations. Growing Expectations can get you unsatisfactory results, generating loneliness and emptiness .

As we all know everything which is done in limit is good for us, then why we all get so much addicted to the social sites? , why we connect every debate, every picture to the social sites? Think again before overusing these sites. Get out of this addiction and limit the use.


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