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Symptoms Of Pancreatitis

Symptoms of pancreatitis includes both acute and chronic.

The symptoms of chronic pancreatitis are: patients frequently feel the pain in the upper abdomen that further moves to the back. In some patients the pain is disabling. There can be weight loss caused by the poor absorption of food. This malabsorption happens, as the gland fails to release enough enzymes to break down food. There can be chances of having diabetes if the insulin producing cells are damaged. And damage of cells are obvious in the case. Chronic pancreatitis is caused by long time alcohol use. Other causes include

  • Gallstones
  • Hereditary disorders of the pancreas
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • High triglycerides
  • And certain medications as well.
Symptoms Of Pancreatitis
Symptoms Of Pancreatitis

In about 20 – 30% the cause of pancreatitis is unknown.

In most cases, acute pancreatitis is caused by gallstones or heavy alcohol use. Other causes includes

  • Medications
  • Infections
  • Trauma
  • Metabolic disorders
  • And surgery.

In upto 15% of people with acute pancreatitis, the cause is unknown.

Symptoms of acute pancreatitis includes

  • Upper abdominal pain
  • Swollen and tender abdomen
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever
  • Increased heart rate


What Is Pancreatitis ?

Pancreas is a large gland that is present behind the stomach and is next to the small intestine. The fuctions of pancreas includes:

  • It releases strong digestive enzymes into the small intestine to aid the digestion of food.
  • It releases the hormones insulin and glucagon into the bloodstream. These hormones help the body control how it uses food for the energy.

Pancreatitis is a disease, that causes inflammation in the pancreas. Pancreatic damage happens when the digestive enzymes are activated before they are released into the small intestine and begin attacking the pancreas.

As mentioned above the symptoms of pancreatitis both acute and chronic. As, acute ad chronic are the 2 forms of pancreatitis. In acute pancreatitis there is a sudden inflammation that lasts for a short time. It ranges from mild to severe discomfort. Most of the people with acute pancreatitis recover completely after getting the right treatment.

In chronic pancreatitis it is considered to be the long-lasting inflammation of the pancreas. It often happens after an episode of acute pancreatitis.


Risk Factors Include

Risk Factors Of Pancreatitis

Pancreas can happen to anyone anytime.  It is more common in people with certain risk factors. Risk factors should be avoided before time. Even risk factors are different for different pancreatitis.

Risk factors for acute pancreatitis includes gallstones and heavy alcohol drinking. Gallstones block the pancreatic duct, which can cause acute pancreatitis.

Risk factors for chronic pancreatitis include heavy alcohol drinking for a long time, certain hereditary conditions like cystic fibrosis, gallstones and conditions such as high triglycerides and lupus.



Some of the diagnoses for pancreatitis:

  1. Pancreatic Function Test: as to find out that if pancreas is making the right amounts of digestive enzymes.
  2. Glucose Tolerance Test: as to measure the damage to the cells in pancreas that make insulin
  3. Ultrasound, CT scan and MRI: that produces the images of the pancreas so that problems can be detected
  4. ERCP: it is using of X-rays to have a look at pancreatic and bile ducts.
  5. Biopsy: in which needle is inserted into the pancreas to remove a small tissue sample for study.
  6. Blood test, stool test and blood test: to confirm the diagnoses.


Is Pancreatitis Preventable ?

Prevention To Pancreatitis

As we know most of the causes of pancreatitis is caused by alcohol abuse, STOP drinking. If heavy drinking is a concern, talk to the doctor or any health care professional about a referral to an alcohol treatment cancer.

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