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What Is Zika Virus ?

Zika virus is a very dangerous virus which can be transmitted from one to another. It spreads through mosquito bite which is already infected with the virus, aedes species mosquito’s carry this virus along with them and can infect anyone at day or night. If a pregnant women gets infected with the zika virus then her fetus has a 101% chance of getting certain birth defects. The vaccination is still not available in the world ,researchers are working day and night to get the prevention doses of the virus. United States is, where all this began and a large population of the USA is infected with the zika virus.

A new study by the scientists has confirmed that zika virus does not transmit from one person to another through saliva ,which includes kissing and sharing food. However it is highly spreadable through intercourse between two. Scientists have done this experiment on monkeys and confirmed with evidences .But there would be some differences between human and monkey testing ,so nothing can be said with confirmation and nor testing on alive humans is possible.

symptoms of zika virus

Tom Friedrich “a leading researcher” said that “if passing the virus by casual contact were easy, we would see a lot more of what we would call secondary transmission in a place like USA”. Tom Friedrich belongs to the school of veterinary medicine at the university of wisconsin-madison.

It is confirmed by the researchers that zika virus is mostly spread through mosquito bite. They carry the virus infection and inject in to other person’s body. The virus remains in the blood and saliva for a week or two, this period is sensitive and most dangerous to spread. The virus remains in the breast milk and semen for months.

The saliva make-up can be one big reason which does not allow zika virus to spread through kissing. Saliva is viscous in nature (thick & sticky), this hinders the ability of the zika virus to spread and get the other person in to the range. Virus looses its evil powers when trapped in saliva ,just like ghosts looses in daylight.

Majority of people notice symptoms which are mild in nature but the virus has a direct link to catastrophic birth defects in infants whose mother got infected during pregnancy. Microcephaly is one of the common defects where the baby’s brain is small and not developed.


These 5 Prevention’s Can Save Lives


  1. Use of mosquito repellent sprays or creams ,the first thing you can do is get away from mosquitoes and prevent a mosquito bite.
  2.  If you are pregnant and your partner has traveled to an area which is a zika risk zone, use condoms or do not have sex during your pregnancy.
  3. Pregnant women should stay in a good environment which is neat and clean. She should avoid travelling to unhygienic places .
  4. Bath with a good antiseptic soap when ever you come back from a zika virus risk zone, so it does not spread to others.
  5. Use odomos or other mosquito repellent creams to stay away from mosquitoes.

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